The Green Hornet s1e1: The Silent Gun

Rating: 10/10

After a man is shot with a silent pistol at a funeral, the Green Hornet is out for his killer. He works on both sides of the law in order to bring down the murderer.

I like that this is a combination of noir and superhero tropes to bring something entirely different from the typical fanfare of other comic book properties. Though I don’t think this was based on a comic book but instead a radio show initially, though comics were born from Green Hornet and Kato’s adventures. I really like how the show presents the Green Hornet as a vigilante who will use blackmail and extortion in order to get what he’s after, making him a lot darker than a traditional superhero and more noir in comparison.

I also especially like the theme song as a more jazzy verision of Flight of the Bumblebee. It’s very catchy.


+10: A very intense opening to a show that completely went under my radar in the past

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