Superman (1941) s1e12: The Eleventh Hour

Rating: 10/10

Lois and Clark are on assignment for the Daily Planet in Yokohama, Japan during WWII. When Superman appears, in response the Japanese kidnap Lois Lane and threaten to execute her if Superman doesn’t leave. Can he save Lois from the Japanese army?

As this one started I worried that there might be more Japanese stereotypes or at least propaganda of some sort to join the war effort, but neither was the case. Just a story about Superman with the war as a backdrop more than anything else. They don’t even mention that the country is in war. Anyway, good story for one of these shorts and nice Superman action.


+10: I’m glad they’re straying away from the random problems for Superman to solve and having actual plotlines. I’m thinking these were just as popular with adults at the time and the stories needed to be more mature to match, just guessing

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