Wonder Woman (1974)

Rating: 8/10

Wonder Woman is a TV Movie made while the comic book hero was temporarily depowered and basically turned into a half-spy half-secretary (in hindsight, this was a bad idea, but spies were really big at the time…). This film chronicles Diana Prince as she leaves her life as heir to the throne of warrior women in order to stop a small spy ring, making new friends and encountering old foes along the way.

Okay, technically this was just how Wonder Woman was in the comics at the time and I can’t blame the filmmakers from copying them. But, considering a year later they made another made-for-TV film based on the character with all her powers back and the comics copied them and brought back the Wonder Woman we all know and love, so guess they just made the wrong decision here….

Despite that, this was a decent spy flick. I think I would have liked it more if it had nothing to do with Wonder Woman at all. The story had a good pace with a decent amount of spy moments, like Diana having to break free of a few separate traps, for example. I liked most of the spy stuff actually, even that the stole the Blofeld motiff for the bad guy, but it pays off towards the end. Also, Cathy Lee Crosby captures the essence of Diana very well as the woman who laughs in the face of danger and takes on said danger with such grace she makes it look easy. It’s just no my Wonder Woman she’s playing.


+8: If you can look past the lack of superpowers, this was a pretty entertaining spy movie with some fun twists throughout. I might be a little generous with this rating, but I had fun watching this flick, and it failed to get this version of Wonder Woman off the ground. In a way though, it was a necessary evil to bring the character back to her original roots

+1: Cathy Lee Crosby is very good in this role and it’s a tad disappointing she didn’t get to continue playing this particular heroine

-1: A depowered Wonder Woman is just off putting, it’s distracting from what could have been a pretty good made-for-TV movie

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