Batman (1966) s1e1: Hi Diddle Riddle

Rating: 10/10

In this episode, we’re introduced to millionaire Bruce Wayne and his Ward, Dick Gracen. Who are actually the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin! As we continue, the Riddler threatens a lawsuit, Batman attempts to dance, and the Caped Crusader is too drunk to drive!

The original series that started it all…again. Okay, I’m going to tell you two stories. The first is the story of Batman. No, not about his parents getting murdered, everyone knows that one. But Batman as a character. You see, in the mid-sixties comic book heroes weren’t really doing that well, and then this oddball show comes along that appeals to every age-group and reawakens people’s interest in comics, Batman comics in particular. The reason this could appeal so far and wide was that it was a humorous show, but so tongue-in-cheek that younger audiences didn’t notice it wasn’t being played entirely straight and just got some great Batman adventures. Adults saw the humor in the show and watched right along with them.

Which leads me to my next story, which is my history with this show. I started watching this show when I was maybe about 3 or 4. I saw it like children did, as a terrific adventure show. I loved Batman and Robin and wished I was there right alongside their adventures. It might be one of the most influential shows I’ve ever watched since it basically led me to a lifelong road of comic books and superheroes. But watching it now and seeing it for the humor it brings by both being incredibly steeped in comic book tropes while also parodying them. It’s a real treat being able to see this program in a new light.


+10: As a first episode, this really sets things up pretty well. It shows just how weird and campy this program can be.

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