Spider-Woman s1e5: The Kingpin Strikes Again


Once Spider-Woman foils Kingpin while he’s robbing a bank, Kingpin steals an invisibility ray and uses it to uncover Spider-Woman’s secret identity of Jessica Drew!

I thought this was a decent episode, for a kids show. But it’s weird seeing a time when most things scientific were basically like magic when everything nowadays in Superhero is usually more in line with actual science. However, for a B-movie-styled show like this, it’s to be expected, though really that’s just how comics were back then.

I liked seeing Kingpin as a villain. A real Spider-Man villain, though I think he started as Daredevil’s rival, but I don’t remember now. That’s the beauty of the Marvel Universe, in any form, the villains can freely intermix.

Though the “villain knows your real identity” trope is overdone nowadays…I think it was overdone then too.


+7.5: A little silly with the science but not bad overall

+0.5: Nice seeing a real case for Jessica to crack involving a real villain

-1: The overused villain-knows-your-secret-identity-and-publicizes-it-but-it’s-all-rapped-up-nicely-by-the-end trope (cough, the next spider-man movie, cough)

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