Spider-Woman s1e6: The Lost Continent

Rating: 8/10

Jessica Drew, Billy, and Jimmy are on assignment in Africa when they stumble upon an area still inhabited by dinosaurs along with a mad scientist who seems to be able to control said creatures.

This one was so bad it was good, the science goes straight out the window, along with anyone making a realistic reaction to man-eating dinosaurs showing up randomly. It’s great, if you like grade-A schlock, but otherwise is a bit too ridiculous. Also, this feels less like something for superheroes to deal with and more something for, say, Johnny Quest or the like. I think this was just part of the style of cartoons at the time, though.

Another thing that bugs me is that jessica Drew is totally putting her photographer and that kid they hang out with for some reason in a lot of danger by not letting them know she’s actually a superhero. This seems to be something that comes with the territory and maybe “because it’s for kids, just throw logic out the window” seems to be the name of the game for this show.


+9: Fun, but don’t plan on making any sense of anything

-1: The I-need-to-keep-my-identity-a-secret-so-bad-I’m-willing-to-let-my-friend’s-die trope

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