Spider-Woman s1e7: The Kongo Spider

Rating: 10?/10

In this one, Spider-Woman is taking her crew through the Amazon Jungle when she keeps being attacked by creatures caused by a rogue director trying to make a movie with Spider-Woman as the star and Spider-Man in a supporting role. The problem is that neither hero realizes he’s doing this and everything he’s filming is happening for real!

I do like seeing superheroes making guest appearances on basically any show, even on shows that aren’t superhero based, but Spider-Man arriving into the Amazon Jungle? It’s a tad strange and contrived when you need someone and they just happen to be there. Then again, that schlocky stuff is exactly what I enjoy about B-shows-and-movies in the first place. And this episode in particular is a lot more B-styled than it’s not, I mean, how can a director get access to so many monsters? Or keep getting the drop on heroes with Spidey-Sense? None of these things really make any sense but it’s contrivances is so ridiculous that it becomes hilarious. That is the essence of a good B-movie.

Okay, I think I argued myself into a weird corner because the things I’m complaining about I’m also complimenting….Meh, whatever, automatic 10 stars!


+10?: What a great/terrible show!

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