Harley Quinn s1e2: A High Bar

Rating: 10/10

Harley crashes the Penguin’s nephew’s bar mitzvah to try to impress the Legion of Doom. Meanwhile, Poison Ivy is there for moral support but now needs the help of Kite Man in order to save some children from turning into plants.

Another great episode with lots of comedy and gorey violence. I think the characters are, for the most part, just unbelievable enough to make most of this violence hilarious, yet everyone’s character is just believeable enough to keep things both watchable and relatedable. It’s a fine line their walking that could easily fall into one way or the other and have too much of either, but with Harley Quinn, she’s making it look so easy walking this line she’s practically cartwheeling around it.


+10: Great episode that continues in the same out-of-control style as the one before it

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