My List: The Avengers (2012)

Rating: 10/10

Loki is attempting to invade the Earth with an army of robot-aliens and it’s up to Nick Fury and Agent Coulson to assemble Earth’s mightiest heroes in order to stop him.

Before this film came out no one was really sure the Marvel Cinematic Universe was going to succeed. We had the first Iron Man movie which came out of nowhere and was a great movie, but everyone basically agreed that nothing after was nearly as good as that first movie and maybe Marvel movies were just for fanboys and girls but less so for the majority of movie-going audiences. Also, though these heroes could stand in their own films, I think most people didn’t have faith that Disney could hack it with a superhero team up movie.

But then this film came out and kind of ruined movies for a bit as every other motion-picture company rushed to try to create their own cinematic universes. What Joss Whedon and the rest of production managed to do was give each hero their own story, connect every movie together, and captured the same feeling as those first Marvel comics from the 60s where it all took place in the real world and every hero or villain might show up in each others property.


+10: We’re now almost 8 years after this originally released and people are still trying to capture the same feeling we all got the moment this first released. Historically, this is a very important movie that was also excellent in both story and presentation

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