Superman (1941) s1e15: Jungle Drums

Rating: 5/10

In this one, Superman uncovers a secret Nazi group disguising themselves in an African Temple. Lois Lane gets kidnapped and Superman has to save her. I guess that’s per usual at this point.

This wasn’t anything new, really. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything new at this point. I think with the war going on at this point they had already done a few Japanese ones where they were the enemy, because WWII to Americans was originally only about getting retaliations over the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But after word of what was going on in German concentration camps, who the villains were was shifted over the course of the war. So there’s your history lesson for the day.


+5: it was well animated but nothing new story or character-wise, I mean, I shouldn’t expect an overarching story to these but I’m tired of them all being essentially the same thing. You’ve seen one you’ve basically seen them all

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