Superman (1941) s1e17: Secret Agent

Originally Aired: July 30, 1943

Rating: 10/10

Lois Lane is working undercover for the mafia in order to get the story she needs, then that same mafia knocks out and kidnaps Clark Kent. This looks like a job for Lois Lane!

That’s right, this time Lois is the one saving Superman. That’s actually a pretty neat way to end the series, flipping everything on it’s head like that. It’s not like this show hadn’t done stuff like that before, but I find it a little funny that the episode they choose to go out on is the one where Superman doesn’t show up hardly at all.

Also, that’s the end of the series so I’m done making reviews out of 10-minutes long shorts….YAY!


+10: I enjoyed this episode, I like Lois Lane a lot though

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