Batman (1966) s1e2: Smack in the Middle

Rating: 6/10

In a followup to the last episode, Riddler continues his scheme against the dynamic duo, Batman is easily fooled, and Robin can’t solve a riddle.

This marks the first episode in which there’s a fight scene and words start flying out as people get punched. It’s a very campy technique that this show more or less invented. I’ve always enjoyed the fights on this show and I think this is one of the reasons why.

Outside of that, I was a bit thrown that Riddler’s plan involved leaking laughing gas into a party of the rich and powerful. Mostly because that sounds more like something Joker would do than anyone of Batman’s other villains.

This was a decent episode, but was lacking in the comedy department this time. I hope that’s not because the studio got rid of it for some reason…


+6: Decently entertaining though feels lacking without it’s campy humor

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