Harley Quinn s1e3: So You Need A Crew?

Rating: 10/10

Harley realizes she needs a crew but is having a hard time getting one since no one has faith in her abilities without the Joker to back her up. She recruits two other super-criminals in Gotham, Dr. Psycho, who needs to save face after some bad publicity, and Clayface, who just needs a new acting gig.

Harley Quinn isn’t just a good show, it’s one of the best shows made for streaming I’ve ever seen. It takes all of the DC Universe and puts it in an R-rated blender while focusing more on the characters and making a great situational comedy that is still free to be as violent or as crazy as it wants to be. That may be a jumbled mess of a run-on sentence, and truthfully it’s just as jumbled as this show might seem on the surface, but it’s voice-acting, writing, pacing, comedy, and characters all come together so perfectly they make it look easy. Why can’t every show be this fluid?

The villain on this one, aside from Harley Quinn and her friends, is Moxie Zeus. I really like how he immediately goes from someone that Harley idolizes as ‘da-guy-who’s-gonna-teach-her-da-things immediately into “total dirt bag” in the blink of an eye. Also, Harley fighting villains is just neat to me because, unlike Batman who will knock out and arrest pretty much any criminal, you know if Harley takes someone down they definitely had it coming.


+10: Really, this show shouldn’t be missed by anyone who’s a fan of the character, or anything in the DC universe, and can watch R-rated movies

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