Harley Quinn s1e4: Finding Mr. Right

Air Date: December 20, 2019

Rating: 9/10

Harley Quinn is looking for a nemesis, and is gunning for either Batman or Superman. However, 12-year-old Robin is the only one who’s answering the call.

King Shark joins Harley’s crew on this one and he is a great addition. He’s not how you might know him from the comics or the Flash TV show and is instead a tech nerd who “doesn’t do well around blood.” I also really like Cy Borgman and hope he makes more appearances in the future. Also, this episode has some great action in the last ten minutes and shows that action and comedy are a great mix.

My only complaint about this one is that it felt a bit slow at the beginning, not really funny and felt like the plot had a bit to really get moving. Once it does though it’s another great episode.


+10: Another great episode

-1: A bit slow at the beginning

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