Harley Quinn s1e7: The Line

Air Date: January 10, 2020

Rating: 10/10

After the Queen of Fables is released from her book imprisonment (and Harley busts her out of regular prison) Harley recruits her into her crew. But the Queen of Fable’s makes Harley realize that there’s even lines she won’t cross.

The humor in this one is super dark, so warning to everyone. I think we’re supposed to see this show through Harley’s eyes to some degree. She does do well being the Sociopath-with-a-Heart-of-Gold but she’s still a psycho and sometimes other people are just in the way. But I do enjoy that while Harley does have some morals, the Queen of Fables in her own words “does not give a f*@#.” It really shows up close where Harley draws the line, and might have made a great enemy in the process.

I do like the sitcom formula of this show but I wonder if it’s going to become more serial and less sitcom? This isn’t a complaint or anything, just wondering…


+10: If you don’t mind ultra-dark humor, and I don’t, this is another great episode

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