Harley Quinn s1e9: A Seat At The Table

Air Date: January 24, 2020

Rating: 9/10

Now that she’s a big shot in the League, Harley ends up blowing off her friends and crew in order to spend more time with the Joker. She thinks he’s changed, he’ll show her just how much he has.

I do like that despite being a psychopath, Harley Quinn has some very real problems. In this case, just how much she isn’t over her ex, and how much she’d still love him if he’d only change from his usual sadistic self to someone who at least cares about Harley. Then they could be sadistic psychopaths together!

I like Bane in this show, but I feel he works better as the guy in the background who is hilarious even though you kind of feel sorry for him. It was better with the B plot tying in with Harley’s story again and worked well for the overall story.


+10: Another great episode

-1: Not sure Bane works eating up so much screentime

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