Harley Quinn s1e10: Bensonhurst

Air Date: January 31, 2020

Rating: 10/10

When Harley has no one else to turn to, she goes back to Bensonhurst to spend time with her family with mostly violent conclusions. Meanwhile, Frank, Ivy’s man-eating plant, is trying to find Harley so they can both rescue Ivy.

This was a surprisingly good episode considering most of the cast was missing and it focuses more on Harley’s backstory and where she came from before she met the Joker. I also like how again it’s real world problems but Harley can just be Harley as she solves them. You get to see what type of people raised her and see that Harley becoming Harley was probably inevitable.

This show being a cartoon makes a lot of sense. I think it helps to match the psychosis that Harley’s probably suffering. Everything is super violent but through Harley’s eyes seems light-hearted and silly. Maybe this world is “real” and Harley only sees it as a cartoon? Probably not…


+10: An episode filled with lots of comedy and action though more focused on Harley’s backstory

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