Harley Quinn s1e12: Devil’s Snare

Air Date: February 14, 2020

Rating: 8/10

Scarecrow unleashes evil trees, Jim Gordon has a tank obsession, The Queen of Fables traps most of the Justice League in her magic book, the Joker takes over Gotham, Kite Man saves the day, and Poison Ivy gets her Big Scene. All this and more on this episode of Harley Quinn.

So much plot in this one, but it still kind of works, and considering how much I complained about there being too many plotlines in Thor: the Dark World, I think I should probably explain that. What this has that Thor: tDW lacks is a consistent tone. It always knows it’s a dark-action-comedy and doesn’t really stray outside of that. The second Thor movie instead spends the whole film discovering what it even is that by the time it finally does it’s too late for anyone to care.

There’s one point in which I feel the tone is less consistent, and that is right at the beginning of the episode. I know this is probably just my own fault for taking a break for a few days and I feel that if I was watching them in order it would carry on from the previous episode nicely. But, without that context it is rendered lacking.


+9: Good but not great, could have dropped a plotline and been slightly better

-1: The beginning just feels a bit off, even though it’s carrying on from the previous episode it should still be telling this episodes story first and foremost.

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