Harley Quinn s1e13: The Final Joke

Air Date: February 21, 2020

Rating: 9/10

Now that Joker has taken over the city, Harley must team up with Batman in order to take him down. And then, things get weird…

This episode does get pretty strange, so strange I thought it was all a dream sequence for a bit. Actually, maybe it is a dream but we’re just seeing things through Harley’s eyes so we/she can’t tell the difference. But, I’m pretty sure everything that happens is just par for the series so far.

A great end to the season, though it feels a bit stretched out in the beginning just to get there. I understand a lot’s happened since the last episode, which I won’t get into because it spoils things, but still.


+10: Great ending to the season

-1: a bit slow in the beginning

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