Harley Quinn s2e1: New Gotham

Air Date: April 3, 2020

Rating: 10/10

After the destruction of Gotham City, and the US President decreeing that Gotham is no longer a part of the United States, Harley Quinn is enjoying the anarchy. However, when Batman’s old villains join together to start an Injustice League and take over the city, Harley realizes the fun is only beginning. Also, she gets frozen in ice for two months…

A great follow up to the last season, and started at a point of utter insanity instead of slowly building towards it. I think this is a great improvement to the show and I can only hope it gets more amped up as the season moves on. I enjoy that it’s much less episodic now as well as we’re continuing on from where the last season ended with Batman apparently dead and the Justice League banished, though it kind of makes me wonder “where’s Booster Gold in all this” and other heroes too. Green Arrow, John Constantine, Superboy to name a few. I mean, they’re B-listers, sure, but they should still be around to help stop what is now a criminally run city. They do show Robin, but they act as though he’s the only hero left.

Um, I’m not really a big fan of the giant leaps forward in time in the middle of episodes. They just did this in the last episode too after Joker takes over the city and Harley has to lie low for a while. Okay, here it’s played off as a joke, and the joke works, but it shouldn’t happen usually unless something changes greatly during that time! In both cases, Joker taking over the city or the Injustice League doing it, nothing changes at all in the intervening time. That’s probably why it’s so boring when villains win, they don’t change anything and can do whatever they want. Wait, does that mean that once Harley takes over Gotham this show will become boring? Uh oh…


+10: Love it! I’m not going to take points off for the giant leap forward in time because it does work as a joke, but I’m watching you, Harley Quinn! (Literally, that’s what I’m doing…)

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