Harley Quinn s2e2: Riddle U

Air Date: April 10, 2020


In order to take down Riddler at his University, Poison Ivy and Harley have to go undercover as college students. But in the process they discover that Barbara Gordon is also investigating the Riddler. Oh, and Clayface becomes a college girl.

Very entertaining and hilarious, like always. It’s interesting to see what Harley must do to take down the Injustice League one at a time. Also, I’m hoping to see Batgirl again and she wasn’t just a one-shot superhero for this show. It’s nice to see her before she becomes the hero we know her to be. Though it’s interesting watching her come into her own after Batman is already, seemingly, long gone. I’m wondering how this will change things overall in the history of the show.

I also like the teamup between Dr. Psycho and King Shark in the side story. They make a very good team and hopefully we’ll see more of these two together one-on-one as the show moves forward.


+10: I also really like the Riddler in this show, not quite the same as other people who’ve portrayed the character but Jim Rash is killing it as his own version of the supervillain

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