Harley Quinn s2e5: Batman’s Back Man

Air Date: May 1, 2020

Rating: 10/10

In an episode without Harley or any of her team, Bruce Wayne wakes up from his coma and is still recovering. He wants to help save Gotham City anyway but learns he’s going to need the help of Lucius Fox to help him get back in the city. But is he really ready?

A very good outing that was very entertaining. It also had a lot of action, something I felt was absent from the last couple of episodes. I especially like seeing more of Batgirl, and I like that she gets an origin story in a series where everything else has been treated as if it were already established. Even Harley’s story starts right in the middle of it, even if it’s right before she reinvents herself. I also felt the humor is back to it’s over the top ways but I guess we’ll see if this keeps up.

I also liked the framing device of a couple of nerdy stoners complaining about Harley Quinn in real life. It was original and very funny, not that I’m hoping for them to use this ever again. I guess only if it’s funny.


+10: I like that this is a show that can do something without any of the principal characters and it can still be just as entertaining

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