Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton

Air Date: September 9, 2008

Rating: 7/10

This is a review of all 6 mini-episodes, which you can watch them all on YouTube. Though this is suggested to watch before starting Smallville you might want to wait for Kara to actually enter the show first (not sure when this happens, I’m still in season 1…).

The origins of Supergirl for her role in Smallville. This shows what happened in the days preceding the destruction of Krypton and shows Kara that her father is not the man she thought he was.

I’m feeling split on this so let’s talk about all the good things first. Sound quality and voice acting are both really good, though Kara herself had a few clunky lines, but overall an enjoyable experience hearing actors breath life into these small roles. I especially liked the voice of Kara’s father as he seemed to know how to make this the best character in the show, even if he, SPOILERS, turns out to be evil.

Okay, what’s not so great about this incredibly short series is the animation and the story. The animation is just really dated, but it feels even more dated than the Air Date says it is. If this were done in 2001 and everything looks like it was drawn and animated in Flash, like Homestar Runner was if anyone remembers that internet program. But because of the limits of the animation, there is almost no action at all. Everything is essentially told through dialogue of two or more people talking in different rooms in the literal House of El. And because of this, the story is quite lacking, not that anyone was asking for yet another telling of Krypton’s demise, so really this is a story that doesn’t go anywhere, doesn’t tell anyone anything knew, also SPOILERS Kara loses her memory at the end so any big reveals she doesn’t even get to remember. So nothing in this show even has an effect on the characters from the other shows.

Just watching this made me think of much better animated internet shows in Arrowverse, like Vixen. I guess the idea of something like that, a super short internet series, was maybe too knew to put enough faith into something like this to really give it the budget it deserved.


+7: Actually, not too bad considering the execs obviously didn’t spend a lot of money on it

+1: The sound quality is really good, almost made me think I was watching something with a bigger budget

+1: really good voice acting overall

-1: The story is very lacking and leaves a lot to be desired

-1: The animation is subpar and dated, even for its time

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