Re-Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Rating: 9/10

Quill is abducted by aliens on the same day that his mother dies. 20 years later he’s the notorious outlaw known as Star-Lord. He’s about to find a crew of misfits who’s just as crazy as he is, but maybe together they can save the galaxy.

When this was first coming out, I remember feeling about the same way I did when I heard Iron Man was coming out. I thought “there’s no way that can be good,” is how little either property really had much pull for me in comic book form. Star-Lord is a decent hero but just another “space guy” to me and others, like the Silver Surfer, or Green Lantern Corp. from the DC universe, just seemed much more appealing to me. Much like the Iron Man movie, though, this came together so beautifully with everyone doing their parts with an expert hand. The acting, directing, storytelling, cinematography, casting, props, and anyone else involved in the movie hit it out of the park on this one.

This was a film that really went out of its way to make something that wasn’t just entertaining, it was also very funny. And the characters are all well thought out and each gets their own personalities, especially Groot, who despite only able to say three words just steals the whole movie from the moment he’s seen on screen.

I was still early in reviewing stuff when I reviewed this before and I was much more concerned over the plot of this movie not realizing it’s about the characters more than otherwise, just like any comedy, if the characters don’t work then the humor won’t either. I remember not liking the ending before, but I think I was being harsh as this time around I had no qualms with that part. In fact, I’m impressed they didn’t just create a hero that was trying to steal Quill’s tape or something and was just basically Quill except evil. I mean, that’s the style of most first films in these series right? Despite this, the villain was still a bit lackluster with no other motivation other than “I work for Thanos and I’m evil.” But I think that’s more of a Disney problem than anything else, I mean, in the comics, every villain is a human being, even when their aliens. We know their story and why it is they do what they do.


+10: Very entertaining and the beginning of the best team-up in the MCU so far…except for the Avengers…I guess…

-1: Villain is so phoned in it kinda hurts me, why wasn’t Nebula the main villain? That would have been way better…

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