Spider-Woman s1e8: Games of Doom

Air Date: November 9, 1979

Rating: 6.5/10

Jessica is going to Russia to cover the Olympics when her plane is attacked by terrorists trying to steal the American athletes. Or are they really just trying to mind control them?

I do still like the B-quality of everything, but I also like bad movies for their badness. I think the creators know their making something that’s particularly cheesy but it’s also badly written and horribly voice acted. I get the feeling every actor wasn’t alowed to hear what others recorded or record their lines in the same room, that’s how disjointed each line feels from one to the next. This is fun for someone like me who knows it’s so bad it’s funny but for a person actually looking for some real exciting adventures of Spider-Woman, well, I probably couldn’t recommend this.

For a kid watching this show obviously meant for that age-range, this might have more appeal. The plots aren’t terrible, though they’re all set up basically the same, there’s more twist and turns than one might expect for something like this. It’s animation quality is about the same as Space Ghost or the like, but it has much smarter writing.


+7.5: This episode felt good for both children and B-movie fans, but probably not anyone else…

-1: The voice acting is so weird in this one, tonally and in terms of quality, that it becomes a distraction

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