Spider-Woman s1e9: Shuttle to Disaster

Air Date: November 16, 1979

Rating: 7.5/10

Jessica and her two useless companions get to go to space (for some reason…) but a supervillain calling himself Steel Jaw, because he’s essentially a more talkative Jaws from the 007 movies, steals the shuttle to hijack it to the moon (for some reason…).

Okay, this is just a few years after the first Star Wars came out and pretty much everything had to go to space at some point. Oftentimes it didn’t even have to make sense or be very good, they just had to go to space. This episode is basically nonsense with obviously little to no research done about actual space travel. Sure, you can steal the space shuttle, which only goes far enough out of the Earth’s atmosphere and fly it straight to the moon almost instantly without problems of food or fuel, why not?

The voice acting was a lot better this week and I wonder if something happened between the last episode and this one in terms of recording quality or direction, but so little is said about this show anywhere on the internet, I honestly don’t know.


+7.5: As good as the last one but for entirely opposite reasons

-1: Imaginary space science just bugs me

+1: Pretty good voice acting in this one

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