Daredevil s1e2: Cut Man

Air Date: April 10, 2015

Rating: 5/10

Claire Temple, a nurse, finds Matt in a dumpster, broken and beaten. She helps him, but when he wakes up and lets her know there’s someone looking for him, she has to decide who’s side she is on.

Considering how much action was in the first episode, it’s surprises me that this one is completely devoid of it. In fact, I’m kind of wondering if anything super important, aside of the introduction to Claire, really happens in the episode. We get some more of Matt’s backstory and are shown why his father didn’t throw the match that he was killed over. That’s important in the grand scheme of things but I feel it doesn’t have an amazing emotional impact being that they basically explained that in the first episode and, it’s like Uncle Ben dying in Spider-Man, anyone who knows the character, knows this about them. So, yeah, not really anything happens in this episode, and there’s no action until the very end, though when it finally gets there it is pretty awesome, actually.

I do like Claire and that she’s introduced here, but I think the part where’s she’s helping Daredevil torture a man is somewhat unrealistic. I mean, being a nurse shouldn’t she be under the hypocratic oath of “first and foremost, do no harm?” I mean, I know she’s Night Nurse in the comics (not a superhero, that’s just what they call her) but I’ve actually only seen her in these shows before, so I don’t know how this relates to her character in the comics. But being that this show is supposed to be taking a more realistic approach to the MCU, I think her suggesting to DD how to torture a complete stranger should be something she has a little more of problem with.


+5: I like the introduction of Claire, and getting through Daredevil’s backstory (if we’re ever truly through it before the show ends…) but ultimately this episode comes off lacking, especially after how great that first episode was, too many scenes with barely any point in an episode that almost has no point (there’s a hefty amount of character development, but don’t develop characters without also developing your plot, if your episode has no plot don’t think you can just replace it with character development and that makes it okay. ONE IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE OTHER!)

+1: There’s some great stuff right at the end

-1: Character acting outside of their character

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