Spider-Woman s1e11: The Spider-Woman and the Fly

Air Date: November 30, 1979

Rating: 7.5/10

A mad scientist steals Spider-Woman’s father’s research in order to turn himself into a horrible fly monster. Then he discovers Spider-Woman’s secret identity and makes her lose his powers. What will normal Jessica Drew do now?

This is the first episode in this series that feels like a real comic book show and not just a B-movie for once. That’s both good and bad in that it’s a show that you could see standing up to others in the same canon, like the original Spider-Man show from around the same time period, or the like. But because it’s lacking that same schlockyness, people like me who was enjoying the Bad stuff as much as the good stuff might find this episode lacking.

As it stands, it’s a good show that I would have liked a whole lot as a kid, but now I’m more interested in seeing how ridiculous things get. This being an episode that borrows a lot of influence from the original “The Fly” film, it feels almost more like a monster movie from the 30s or 40s than on previous episodes. Also, the Fly in this episode would make a pretty good supervillain to constantly be fighting Spider-Woman every few episodes. Kind of like Kingpin from the Spider-Man cartoon in the 90s, not always the enemy but always around. Just a thought as there’s only two episodes left and I doubt they’ll use any villain even a second time.


+7.5: Despite not having that B-style I like about this show, I think it was a pretty decent episode that captured the essence of monster movies from the past and was fairly entertaining overall, I didn’t even mind Jeff and Billy in this one (Spider-Woman’s useless and super-forgetable companions)

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