Spider-Woman s1e12: Invasion of the Black Hole

Air Date: December 7, 1979

Rating: 10/10

While Jessica is out trying to get a story for the magazine she’s attacked by a UFO. It seems to be part of a full fleet, led by an alien named Graviton determined to take over the world.

The last episode I thought was paying homage to monster movies of the 30s and 40s, and now I think this is doing alien invasion movies from the same era. Also, fun fact, Graviton was one of the bad guys in season 1 of Agents of Shield, though he wasn’t an alien in that one.

Anyway, I like the 40s-styled science-fiction, mostly because I’m a huge fan of movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still and the like. Also, there’s a point when Graviton almost wins by throwing the Earth into a black hole and the animation gets really cool for about 30 seconds or so. Really impressive considering how cartoon-y everything else is most of the time.

Again, seems to have lost the B-style completely, this indicates to me that had this show gotten a second season it would have felt like a real cartoon action show as these last few episodes have just been a real step up from the rest of the show.


+10: This score might be a bit high, but I really like old sci-fi movies… oh also the music is really great in this episode, again, I don’t know why everything is better now, maybe they got more funding from the studio but only to produce the last three episodes? That doesn’t make any sense…

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