Spider-Woman s1e13: The Great Magini

Air Date: December 14, 1979

Rating: 9/10

The Great Magini, a stage magician who can escape from anywhere, attempts to steal all the world’s most famous landmarks, starting with Mount Rushmore. This looks like a job for Spider-Woman!

Okay, I was mistaken in that I thought this was the last episode when there’s actually three more episodes after this. So that’s twice as many episodes with this better quality than what this show started as. Even with this terrible villain it feels like a superhero show and not another B-movie festival. Also, this is less like a trope from the 40s and much more like a normal show, or what I might have expected if this show wasn’t so nuts it had a sense of its own normalcy.

I like Magini a lot. He’s one of those villains who likes to quip and make bad puns more than the heroes, and I feel if this show was more self-aware he’d be very meta like Deadpool and constantly making jokes about how he’s a cartoon character on a kids show. I think he’s a great villain either way, and I’m sure no one would have thought of doing something like that for a kids show in the 70s, but I think he could have been slightly better.


+9: I’m still curious on the sudden upward shift in quality for this show but being that this show doesn’t even have a cult following at this point in time, information on the behind-the-scenes is very hard to find. Oh well, for a kids show this is pretty good and much better than it was in its intial 10(?) episodes.

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