Spider-Woman s1e14: A Crime in Time

Air Date: December 21, 1979

Rating: 10/10

Jessica is visiting a scientist who discovered time travel to get a story. But then, the villainous Dr. T shows up and steals the time machine in order to get rich and gather an army of Chewbacca’s from the future in order to take over the world in the present.

The B-movie style is back, along with tropes from 40s movies. In this case, The Time Machine, and all the films that basically copied it. There’s also a ton of bad puns, which the worse they are the better they are, for some reason. So bad it’s good, and then some, so I’m happy.

Those aliens from the future are definitely direct rip-offs of Chewbacca, they even have his utility belt. That really only adds to this episodes schlockiness so I’m not really complaining, it’s just funny to me.


+10: Back to being so bad it’s good, which pleases me

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