Spider-Woman s1e16: A Deadly Dream

Air Date: January 3, 1980

Rating: 6/10

An alien frozen in ice is uncovered, but once she awakens, Numara uses her sleep-inducing powers to try to take over the world.

The B-movie quality is very apparent in this one, but not as good as the previous episode. I feel like this show has somehow covered every bad movie trope it could find in such a short run. I’m not sure if this was just the style of the time because of shows like Johnny Quest or Space Ghost, I’m guessing it is, but this show does it very well, perhaps because the cheesy badness on those other shows was at least slightly on purpose, but here I’m not so sure.

Overall, this one was kind of boring. I guess they decided to go out on a whimper and not a bang…

Being that this is the last episode, this is when I usually lament it’s ending, or have final thoughts, or whatever. But there’s not really much to say here. As I’m assuming this is common with any episodic child’s animated program from the time period, every episode is basically the same as any other episode. True, Spider-Woman might not fight the same monster every episode, but she always saves the day just in time, and it’s always the exact same by the end as it started. I guess my only lamentation is that people of the 70s didn’t make more serialized children’s programming.


+6: Okay, but not bad enough to be good, and the plot was just as sleep-inducing as the villain is

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