Spider-Man s1e1: Bubble, Bubble, Oil and Trouble

Air Date: September 12, 1981

Rating: 10/10

After catching Dr. Octopus stealing expensive artifacts from museums, Spider-Man uncovers a plot of Doc Oc to steal the world’s oil. But can Peter Parker stop him and still finish his homework?

This was a huge step up from Spider-Woman in many ways. For one, no useless sidekicks, though that can change between now and the next episode. For another, Spider-Man’s character is very well defined right away as a joking, likable teenager who just wants to do the right thing. It’s well-written, and the writers are obviously familiar with the source material, something the writers for Spider-Woman sadly were not. Also, the animation is a lot better, more fluid, and easier to watch. This all comes together to create what is a pretty darn good kids show overall.

I suppose I kinda miss the B-quality, but as it is with B-movies, even though I enjoy them for sucking so hard, Good movies are just so much better.


+10: A very good start to what seems to be a pretty good superhero show

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