Spider-Man s1e2: Dr. Doom, Master of the World

Air Date: September 19, 1981

Rating: 4/10

Dr. Doom comes to New York to kidnap the president and then mind control everyone at the UN so they’ll elect him president of the world! Will Spidey be able to stop him?

This episode started off great but slowly got worse as it went on. At first, I was thinking how great the writing and voice-acting was, how both were capturing the characters very well. But as it went on, things just slowly fell apart. I can pinpoint exactly when I started to lose interest: the UN is gassed at one point and Peter Parker isn’t effected because of his “Spider-Lungs” or something like that. Which is totally made up and I’ve never heard of before in any other version of spider man. It also doesn’t make any sense as a spider is just as susceptible to sleeping gas as anything else that breaths air.

The thing that really makes me not really like this episode was the climax. Spoilers: Spider-Man reprograms two robots on the fly and Dr. Doom runs away. Considering he essentially takes over the world in this one, that’s pretty lame.


+6: It starts off climatically…

-1: …but finishes anti-climatically

-1: the action is really slow-paced and gets slower as the episode goes on until the finale has no action at all

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