Daredevil s1e4: In The Blood

Air Date: April 10, 2015

Rating: 10/10

An exploration into Wilson Fisk’s life as he starts courting Vanessa, a local art dealer. Meanwhile, two Russian brothers who work for Fisk as frontrunners in his human trafficking ring are tasks with the job of getting rid of the “devil of Hell’s Kitchen” once and for all. In the process they kidnap Claire, and the Russians are about to learn what happens when you anger Daredevil and Fisk.

This was a great episode and might be my favorite episode so far. I like that Fisk takes center stage, being that he’s has yet to be seen but his presence has been felt for all of the show so far. This is a great way to introduce him, showing that he’s first and foremost a human being, something the villains in the movies tend to lack is real character. But it also shows just how ruthless and intelligent Fisk is at the same time. I really like the more grounded series based in reality and wouldn’t mind if there were darker moments in future MCU films, though I know they can’t lose the lightheartedness entirely.

Though Vincent D’Onofrio as Fisk takes control of every scene, for the scenes he’s not in is his assistant Wesley, played by Toby Leonard Moore, is a very commanding presence and can breath a very sinister light into even the mundane scenes when he’s just handing out a few orders. These two make quite the pair as sinister and sinister-er, I guess. It’s very intense and makes the villain actually kind of scary, something else the villains in the MCU tend to lack. I mean, I know Marvel is great, but I just see places where they could be even better.


+10: Just an amazing episode that starts off strong and just keeps building until its glorious (and somewhat gory) finish

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