Daredevil s1e5: World on Fire

Air Date: April 10, 2015

Rating: 7.5/10

While Matt Murdock takes on a case to help an old woman being evicted by a Fisk’s company, Daredevil does his best to discover who Fisk really is while being set up as the man who killed the Russian brother. Meanwhile, Foggy and Karen go on a date.

This episode was good but not nearly as mind-blowingly amazing as the one previous. In fact, it was such a step back that I feel I might end up being a bit too harsh on this one. The last episode felt like a short movie, it had a full story arch for every character, and though it ended on a cliffhanger it still was as if we had a complete picture of the whole thing. It was like a chapter in a book, setting up what comes in the next chapter while telling us the full spectrum of just one part of the story.

Then this comes out and it’s just another episode of a TV show. It’s fine, overall. I mean, I think the beginning of this episode is very slow, and even with both Fisk and Wesley being around to be threatening the meeting with all the current bad guys is just boring and too long. The action is great but too few or far between to be enough to make up for the mostly unnecessary scenes like these that permeate this episode.

Also, this episode ends on a cliffhanger which just bugs me because there were many scenes that feel they could at least be cut down to make room for what was probably the rest of a pretty good episode. Again, this is probably just by comparison to the last episode as if this was just another episode of Arrow, I don’t think I would mind so much some of these creative decisions for this episode, but I also feel you can’t start feeding me the world’s best chicken soup and then expect me to be satisfied with store-bought Ramen after that.

There are two sections I feel work in this show, and this is probably a bit strange coming from me since my heart is a black as night, but I really liked the dates with both Foggy and Karen and with Fisk and Vanessa, less so the small part with Claire and Matt (there was a lot of “romance” in this one, now that I’m thinking about it…) but these were good, character-building, and different from other scenes like it. I suppose the originality I expect from this show comes out in these moments but not really anywhere else in this episode.


+6.5: Pretty good, just not as good as it could have been

+1: Some great date scenes

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