Daredevil s1e6: Condemned

Air Date: April 10, 2015

Rating: 10/10

After saving the surviving Russian brother from the corrupt police department, Daredevil has to save his life in order to get the information he needs to get closer to Fisk. However, Fisk has more power with the police than Daredevil could possibly imagine.

This is a very intense episode, one that feels almost like a horror movie with how you don’t know what’s going to happen next or what might be lurking around any corner. It only takes place in one location, an abandoned warehouse, which only adds to the feel of it being like a haunted house movie. Maybe with a dash of Die Hard as it does feel like the “one-man-against-many” action film like you would see with John McClane, but without Daredevil beating everyone back one at a time as he’s really only trying to get away with his life.

Stolen directly from Die Hard, the main villain, Fisk, talks to our hero, Daredevil, over a walkie-talkie. He also begins a “we’re not so different” speech, and all of it reeked of cliche but, after this initial dislike of it, it quickly became my favorite part of the episode. It shows that good actors can do great things with mediocre parts, and Die Hard was a pretty cool movie.


+10: Perhaps not entirely faultless but so intense and enjoyable it more than makes up for it

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