Harley Quinn s2e6: All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues

Air Date: May 8, 2020

Rating: 6/10

When Harley and Ivy spot a normal looking Joker working at a bar, Harley remembers the time she first started working at Arkham Asylum and tried to stop Joker from blowing up a part of Gotham City.

I’m not really a fan of flashback episodes as they’re usually just there to distract us from the actual plot, and this really isn’t any different, but I think the origin story of Harley and Joker is interesting enough I’m surprised they haven’t turned it into a movie yet. But there’s no stakes to it, and that’s the other issue I have with flashback episodes, we already know that whatever else happens in the show, these characters won’t learn anything or grow in a way that affects them in the modern day. No matter what else happens, we’ll always arrive at the point we started yet so plotwise, everything is at a standstill. I mean, in this case, the whole episode was just to establish that Harley knows Joker is alive and “normalized,” which could have been established in a single sentence, or a short scene, like the one right at the beginning…

Okay, I think through the course of that last paragraph I went from enjoying the episode to realizing how pointless it was, I’m glad at least didn’t shoe-horn in Harvey Dent, who’s in the episode trying to run for mayor, turning into Two-Face. Though Two-Face does show up at the end of the episode somewhat randomly…


+5.5: I still enjoy the episode more than I don’t, but it’s in a “I know it’s pointless, but…” kind of way.

-1: There aren’t even a lot of funny moments

+1.5: I like seeing sane Harley talking to Joker for the first time, I feel like this could be a movie in itself, maybe even with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker?

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