Daredevil s1e7: Stick

Air Date: April 10, 2015

Rating: 5/10

Stick, the man who trained him after Matt’s father died, comes back in order to recruit daredevil in a mission to get rid of a weapon being smuggled through New York he calls Black Sky. What Stick needs is a soldier, but he needs Daredevil to cross a line he can’t cross.

I like this as a character building episode, and I like learning about Stick, but I feel like I usually do when they spend too much time on flashbacks, that the episode is mostly unnecessary. I’m not sure if I like the side story involving the reporter, though it is interesting seeing how the public is slowly discovering Daredevil, him investigating Fisk feels like it was stolen straight from House of Cards. I mean, they’re both Netflix properties, so they can steal from themselves as they like, but it’s just a bit too close and goes on for too long to say they’re just referencing it or something.

The parts spent in the present are pretty cool though. The action is pretty solid and the martial arts are some of the best you’ll see on TV…or Netflix, whatever. I also really like Stick. He feels like a very dangerous person who you’re glad is on Daredevil’s side, or at least you hope that he is. The acting is great, even if more parts feel unnecessary than those that don’t.


+5: Somewhat lacking

-1: Too many unnecessary parts

+1: Good acting

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