The New Original Wonder Woman (1975)

Air Date: November 7, 1975

Rating: 10/10

In 1942, Pilot Steve Trevor crash lands on Paradise Island, home to the mythical Amazons including Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, the Nazi’s are trying to find the leak at their secret air force base.

This was a game changer in the Wonder Woman mythos. At the time in the comics, she had lost her powers and instead became more of a spy with martial arts abilities and little else but DC was trying different things with the character. Fans didn’t like this change but thought they were stuck with it, but luckily this made-for-TV movie came along, put Wonder Woman back in her origins, along with back during WWII and gave her all her powers back. Also it quickly went from a one-shot movie into a multiple-seasons long TV show. The comics saw its popularity and quickly did the exact same thing, giving all of Wonder Woman’s powers back and setting her storyline back during the War.

Overall I felt this short movie was really good. It was just this side of being ridiculous and captured the essence of the comics very well. The original creation was a vision of a woman who was better than men, who could do things with ease that men had to try hard and, in this case, do everything with a smile on her face. Lynda Carter’s portrayal of the character is the personification of joy as she punches Nazis lights out.

Speaking of which, I like how the Nazis are portrayed in this. In most films and TV they’re usually shown as just pure evil with no other personality but here they’re more human than normal. I mean, they’re also characterized as being a group of foolish idiots which can be a bit hilariously stupid at points but it makes them feel like actual people. They are still a group doing things for the wrong reasons but it feels like Wonder Woman is stopping a misguided collection of people instead of the shadowy personification of evil with no actual characterization we usually get as villains. I don’t know if the whole show takes place during WWII or not but I wouldn’t mind seeing Wonder Woman fighting more Nazis in the future. Maybe I just like seeing them get punched in the face though…


+10: A very good made-for-TV movie that started something great

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