Harley Quinn s2e7: There’s No Where To Go But Down

Air Date: May 15, 2020

Rating: 11/10

Harley and Ivy are arrested by Two-Face, tried by Bane, and then locked into the Pit and have to figure out how to escape. Also, Batgirl and her father, Commissioner Gordon, are trying to take down Ratcatcher but Two-Face, along with Gordon’s drinking, get in the way.

This episode was amazing from start to finish. What starts off maybe a little slow with both the laughs and storylines, really ramps up by the end to turn into not only one of the funniest episodes yet but also one that causes all characters involved, even Bane, to have a moment to shine. It’s a story built like a ramp and the comedy comes with it, along with a bit of the ol’ ultra-violence along the way.

Also, this show needs even more “cameos” from DCs heroes and villains. Killer Croc is only in here for a few minutes but it’s enough to make him come off as his own person and not just an unstoppable killing machine like we usually see him as. I really wouldn’t mind seeing more “Harleyverse” DC characters around just to see what they do with them or at least how they would make them funny. Hmm, the Mad Hatter comes to mind…


+11: This episode goes to 11, what can I say?

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