Lucifer s1e1: Pilot

Air Date: January 25, 2016

Rating: 6.5/10

The devil leaves hell to run a bar. But after a woman he likes is murdered he joins forces with a police detective to find out who’s behind it.

She’s a hard-boiled detective, he’s the devil, together they fight crime. That’s basically the premise of this show, which probably had more than a few people, myself included, scratching their heads about when it first released. And the fact is still on is just as surprising. It just seems weird, and it is to a great degree. I like Lucifer in the Sandman comics and hearing that someone was making a show about him just made sense. But once the word “detective” came into it, the whole thing kind of fell apart in my mind and it’s a big reason I haven’t watched the show until now. Now that I have, I’m still just as confused, really.

Okay, here’s what works, Tom Ellis as Lucifer is amazing. He captures the character from the comics perfectly. I also think the humor in the show works, which is so dry it could be just as easily taken as serious, but having the devil as your straight man can create very strange, yet hilarious situations. I also like the opening, I think it works as a way to set up the idea of Satan walking among us.

What doesn’t really work is the premise itself. Mostly I couldn’t help but think, “why would the devil care?” And I really couldn’t see him wanting to hang out with a detective every day. I don’t see any reason at all for him to want any of these things. As the demons say to him towards the end of the episode, “why do you care about this human? You’re the devil!”

The other thing is how much things are blatantly explained to the audience. The devil literally tells the detective that a woman wants to have sex with him. Again, he’s the devil. We get it. I dunno, don’t talk down to your audience when things are so obvious already.


+6: I did enjoy it, even if the entire premise doesn’t make sense, I still had fun watching it

+1: Tom Ellis does a really good job in this role

+0.5: Some of the humor is very good

-1: Too much explainin’

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