Daredevil s1e8: Shadows in the Glass

Air Date: April 10, 2015

Rating: 9/10

For this episode, we take a look into Wilson Fisk’s past and present. When he was a kid, his horrible father would beat him and then make him beat other people. In the present, Fisk’s vision is being stopped not only by the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, but by the people who were working with Fisk now think he’s unable to do his job with a vigilante mucking things up.

I still like the overly dark and realistic takes on these characters. Actually this whole episode was pretty great. It does get a bit intense with Wilson’s past but it does shows us where he comes from and why this version of the character is who he is. It makes him a worthy villain of Daredevil, not in that they’re evenly matched in a fight or something, but in that we now understand both sides of the issue and who’s to say which is right. Something the movies have been lacking is we don’t get to see the villains perspective, and, just like with every war throughout history, every side has it’s point and purpose. No side was doing things just to be evil. There’s always a reason.

Anyway, that part that is stolen directly from House of Cards is in this episode. I might be misremembering, but it’s when the reporter is writing something that is then said, word for word, on the news by the villain to show the villain has so much power they hacked their computer or something. I don’t know why they wanted to steal this scene specifically, and maybe it’s meant to be in homage or something (which itself is weird considering this is from a show just two years prior) but it’s so similar to the other scene it just feels like it’s copy and pasted from that show.


+10: An almost perfect episode

-1: Don’t steal things, writers, and if you’re paying homage to something don’t do it from something that just came a year before

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