Spider-Man s1e7: The Pied Piper of New York Town

Air Date: October 24, 1981

Rating: 9/10

Mysterio starts a new disco-themed dance hall, but only so he can use hypnotic music to turn the whole city into an army of mindless slaves. Can Spider-Man stop him?

A much better episode than the last two. Mysterio is used perfectly with a plan that makes sense to him, and neither Spider-Man or Mysterio use anything just made up for the purpose of it. In fact, there’s a moment where Spidey is actually quite clever in order to beat Mysterio’s illusions. This is quite an improvement considering how many Deus Ex Machinas they were throwing in for a minute there, maybe this is a turn for the better and not just some fluke or something.

I felt the beginning was a bit rushed. It seemed to jump right from one scene to the nex with no fanfare making it confusing and me go, “Oh, I guess this is happening now.” More than once. It evens out by the middle and becomes a pretty great episode in this particular version of Spider-Man.


+10: A vast improvement from the last couple

-1: Beginning is very rushed

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