NES: Mega Man 2 (1988)

Release Date: June 2, 1988

Rating: 9/10

Mega Man is back in an action packed adventure where he has to stop Dr. Wily…again! Yeah, it’s basically the same plot as the first one. But this is back when story in a game was the exception and not the rule.

This took everything about the first game that people liked, took most of the things out people didn’t like so much (goodbye timing-platform-jumping puzzles), made the bosses better, increased them to 8 total instead of 6! This was bigger news at the time!

Okay, this is a great game, easier because they elimnate dumb timed-jump puzzles, or at least make them more for people and less for robots as that’s really how some of those puzzles felt like. They’re better here, what little their are.

This doesn’t really feel like a sequel, more like a remake or an upgraded version of the first one with slightly easier controls and better level design. Everything is still great and if you would probably do better to start the series here since, conceptually, there’s not much difference between the two games and this one is definitely more fun and slightly easier.

Well, until the final boss, which is so freakishly hard I almost quit, but I’m playing the collection on my Switch and am using the rewind feature like nuts, and that’s the only reason I got through it. Anyway, still recommend, but maybe play a version you can save scum with so you don’t lose your mind trying to beat the last boss, or if you’re just bad at specific jumps on specific pixels with perfect timing like me…


Playability: 4 of 4: A very fun game that’s a big step up from the first, the controls and level design is a lot more fluid and fun overall.

Fun Factor: 3 of 3: Tons of fun

Story: 0 of 1: Still not much to speak of, and I could argue that there is some story, which is more than a lot of games can say, but it’s so inconsequential that you could remove it entirely and it wouldn’t make any difference

Sound: 1 of 1: The music and SFX are perfect for their time

Graphics: 0 of 0: Still nothing that really adds or subtracts from the game. I like the cartoony look of some of the enemies though

Replayability: 1 of 1: Like the first one, and every Mega Man game in the main series (I’m assuming), you can play through again and again in different boss orders

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