Spider-Man s1e8: The Doctor Prescribes Doom

Air Date: October 31, 1981

Rating: 9/10

Dr. Doom returns with robot clones to replace the members of the U.N. so they will elect him Ruler of the World. Spider-Man has to stop him before everyone is replaced with a robot.

This was a good episode with lots of action and a good plotline, though entering into B-movie territories with how simple world politics seem to be in this section of the Spiderverse. This did nothing to ruin my enjoyment of the episode though, just thought the way in which this particular rule-the-world plot was just a bit silly.

The only problem I had with the episode was at one point Spidey kicks Robbie out of a window, who he claims is his best friend but I don’t think he’d been in any other episodes up to this point. Anyway, Spidey is then knocked out and thinks he killed his best friend (it was actually a robot but he didn’t see that), but when he wakes up he’s just like “Oh well, time to beat Dr. Doom” as if nothing had happened. Outside of basically murdering his friend, so he thinks, he doesn’t really take any time to grieve or anything. I guess I thought they were going in an interesting direction with it but it just falls flat on having any emotional moments like that on this show.


+10: Pretty great for a kid’s show

-1: A pointless plotpoint

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