Harley Quinn s2e10: Dye Hard

Air Date: June 5, 2020


Harley Quinn plans to get drunk and screw someone to try to get over her feelings for Ivy, but in the process is handcuffed to the normalized Joker. Also, Dr. Psycho and the Riddler have teamed up and are out for revenge.

Things are coming to a head as Harley realizes that she’s going to have to clean up the mess she’s been essentially causing the entire season up to this point. I really like seeing the Normal Joker and wouldn’t mind seeing him again in the future. There’s something I find very funny about seeing the Joker being extra polite all the time and extra concerned about Christian values. It’s also an interesting dynamic to see him being extra nice to Harley. But we’ll see what comes out in the next episode.

Cy Borgman has more or less become my favorite character after Harley. I hope this isn’t the last we see of him and his absolutely insane stories of when he was a spy. I like that he always seems to have the exact thing built inside of him whenever they need a Deus Ex Machina for someone to pull out, but it’s so unbelievably hilarious and even more ridiculous than your typical Deus Ex Machina that you forgive it for being so.


+10: This show just keeps getting better

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