Harley Quinn s2e11: A Fight Worth Fighting For

Air Date: June 12, 2020

Rating: 10/10

Harley brings joker back in order to find the book that magically contains the Justice League. In the meantime, both Joker and Harley discuss the feelings they have for the people they’re closest to. Also, Batman returns.

Has about the right amounts of everything including comedy, action, adventure, and romance…apparently that’s the new normal, but it’s a good normal. Anyway, Normal Joker is gone and replaced with…the normal Joker, okay that’s a bad name for Joker when he’s, um, normal… I do like this episode, but I’m afraid for the family Joker is living with.

I like the addition of Frank bookending the episode like he does. I also really like how meta everything has gotten lately. It makes it a bit like Deadpool or Rick and Morty and is hilarious as well. Maybe Rick and Morty could have a cameo? Or would that be too weird? Actually, nothing seems too weird in the Harley Quinn Universe.


+10: Another great episode

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