Spider-Man s1e9: Carnival of Crime

Air Date: November 7, 1981

Rating: 4/10

The carnival is in town, but so is a group of circus performers led by the Ringmaster to commit crimes. Will Spider-Man be able to stop them when they’re tricking everyone to thinking it’s Spider-Man who’s the criminal?

The use of a “hypnosis bomb” to convince people it was Spider-Man instead of just dressing up like him seemed a bit ridiculous. I mean, they’re all trapeze artists and the like so it seemed to make sense that they would be able to do the same things as him. Actually most of this episode was kind of silly and almost approached the B-stylings of Spider-Woman. It doesn’t quite get there though and we’re left with something that is fairly mediocre.

I don’t actually have anything positive to say about it, not that it was entirely terrible just overall bland. The Ringmaster being a lame villain didn’t really help. And Spider-Man’s powers being kind of wrong doesn’t help anything. It may look like Spider-Man but I get the feeling the people behind this show just wanted the name and the costume and keeping things in the canon of the comics just went out the window.


+5: Mediocre

-1: Parts of the plot were just ridiculous

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