Harley Quinn s2e12: Lovers’ Quarrel

Air Date: June 19, 2020

Rating: 10/10

Poison Ivy is brainwashed by Dr. Psycho and being forced to try to kill Ivy, and Harley, combined with Kite Man and Sy Borgman’s eye, have to break her Ivy of this spell before the Justice League kills her.

A very action heavy episode that is a rush from all sides to try to stop the others. Psycho has to kill Harley before Darkseid comes to kill him, meanwhile the Justice League seem to have a major hard-on for trying to send Poison Ivy to the Phantom Zone, which I hope they follow up with something in the 3rd season (if there is one), and Harley, along with Kite Man…I guess, have to save Ivy before her wedding tomorrow. It’s an intense thrillride of an episode and has a lot of great humor to boot.

There’s been a lot of action throughout this series but not a lot involving the Justice League until this episode, and what’s here is pretty great. Though it’s not the full League, just the main three of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Women, but I’m glad their back and hope there’s more fights involving them in Season 3 (which I really, really hope they get another season or six). Being that Harley already took down the Injustice-League maybe she should take down the real thing next? Just a thought.


+10: Such a great series

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